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Ladies! Do you struggle with vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy is the thinning of the walls of the vagina - external and internally - due to the reduction of oestrogren

Oestrogren is reduced during the time of peri-menopausal or menopausal - this can start as early as 45 years onwards but can be earlier or following a full hysterectomy

Women with chronic (long term) vaginal atrophy are more at risk of vaginal andurinary infections.

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy:

• Vaginal discomfort •

Vaginal dryness before/during sex •

Pain during sex •

Vaginal/vulval itching and/or burning •

Thrush-like symptoms •

Frequent urinary infections or sensations like urinary infection •

Lack of bladder control

Vaginal pain and discomfort is very common - women start avoiding sexual intercourse with their partners and area also shocked and embarressed about the reduction and possible absence of the internal labia

*** If you are concerned about any of the above please seek the medical advise of your GP ***

Here we will talk about a few treatments that may help ........

  1. Speak to your GP about starting HRT - hormone replacement therapy - this is not suitable for some - but for the majority it is available - for those that pay for prescriptions HRT is now available 'one off free for 12 months' - as of April 2023 £19.30

2. PRP - platelet rich plasma - The 'O' Shot - this is a private treatment which is available through SARAH MORGAN AESTHETICS - look at The 'O' Shot on site - this is becoming a very popular treatment

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