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Vaginal Rejuvenation - the 'O' Shot 

Injection site for vaginal rejuventation    The O Shot

What is the 'O' Shot?

This treatment is for women over the age of 18 years old who want to improve their organasm and sexual arousal  - it also increases natural lubrication and sexual desire.

This was developed by Dr Charles Runel, Arizona 10 years ago and itis slowly being introduced into the U.K.  Up to recently only trained Doctors were allowed to provide this treatment however Advanced Nurse Pracitioners are now being trained.

What is the procedure?

A sample of blood is taken from the client and is put in a centrifuge - this separates the platelets/plasma (PRP) from the red blood cells.

The PRP solution is the injected with fine needles around the clitoris, vulva area and entrance to the vagina.

The Clitoris is not just the 'Clitoral Bud' at the top of the vulva area but is a complex network of erectile tissue and nerves which are inside and outside.

An hour is given for this appointment to complete a health questionnaire, discuss treatment, take the blood sample and the injections take about 10 minutes.

The O SHOT for vaginal atrophy and reduced libido and scarring

What is recovery time?

The 'O' Shot does not require any downtime.  You can resume normal daily activities and have no delay in sexual intercourse.

How soon will I experience the effect?

Each woman will respond differently - some will report an immediate result and others will be about 2-3 weeks - the growth factors take this time to take effect.

The maximum effect between 2-3 months 

Would I benefit from more than one treatment?

Yes..... it is advisable to get the most results is to repeat treatment after 6 months.   12 month treatments are advised maintain the effect

PRP for Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Not being able to erect or maintain an erect penis for sexual intercourse 

Is this common?

Yes..... it is evidenced that about 40% of men between the ages of 40-70 experience differing episodes and severity of erectile dysfunction

What causes E.D (Erectile Dysfunction)?

There are many causes:

Medical:  High blood pressure, high

cholesterol, diabetes, obesity

Non medical:  relationship issues, trauma, 

Medical research:

Double blind, Placebo- Controlled   

Study demonstrates that the 'P' Shot 

works for Erectile Dysfunction 

Charles Runels  June 2021

How does PRP treatment help E.D?

The platelets are injected into the penis with small needles.  These naturally stimulate penile tissue and increase blood flow 

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