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What are facial fillers? 

There are also called 'Dermal Fillers'

Substances (dermal fillers) are injected into the skin which fill lines, wrinkles, increase volume and contour.

There many 'fillers' on the market but look at ones that are C.E Registered - any product sold within the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom must be C.E Approved - this ensures it is safe and meet quality standards.

All products used by this clinic are C.E Approved but if you are unsure ask to see the packaging before treatment.

Fillers vary in price and so does their quality  - it's like buying from a low budget supermarket to a high end supermarket  - the lowest can cost the Practitioner £25.

By choosing a trained medic you are 'purchasing' their initial medic training, years of experience, advanced training and accountability (registration on a U.K database) 

Be aware of choosing a non medic who has non of the above and who is answerable to no registration board for accountability - and is 'cheap'.

What areas can be treated?

- Lips

- Cheeks 

- Nose

- Chin 

- Tear trough

- Jaw line 

- Naso-labial/marionette - nose to mouth area 

How much will I need?

This all depends on the result you are looking for.

As we get older there is muscle and collagen loss and we notice more lines, wrinkles and 'droppy' areas 'jowls' - you may then require more filler than someone who is younger.

What causes a 'Trout Pout'?

Simple ..... too much filler... and injected in the wrong area of the lip

I dont want my Lips looking like 'huge sausages'

This is caused by too much filler  - 1 ml of filler should not give you this look - more than 2mls (depending on the initial shape of your lips) 

Im been thinking of getting fillers but very nervous

Book a free consultation - come along and meet Sarah in the clinic and ask all your questions - then go away and think about the information given.

Do you treat all your clients the same?

No..... not one client is the same.

The appointments are allocated for 1 hour  - so you are not rushed  - Sarah will often 'pause' the treatment to show you and ask for your feedback.

I have been known to refuse treatments if I believe that it will be unsafe, waste of money or have the results you are not looking for.

What age can I have facial fillers?

In the U.K it is illegal to provide facial fillers to under 18's.

'Department of Health & Social Care'

'Guidance Botilium Toxin and cosmetic fillers for under 18's'


This clinic will refuse to treat under 18's - if you are under 25 year old please bring in Photo I.D

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