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5 point non surgical face lift

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This is known as  the 

'5 Point non surgical facelift'.

 - It delivers long lasting results 

- Moisturises your skin from the inside/out 

- Tightens skin 

- Boosts and remodels saggy skin 

Can be used on:

- Face

- Hands

- Neck

- Decollege (chest)

- Abdomen

Advised that you have a more than one treatment 


Consultation, medical assessment and consent to be completed

- Before photos taken 

- Face cleaned - it is preferable that no make up is work for the appointment 

- Injection areas will be explained 

- Injections are placed superficially under the skin and a small bump may occur - this goes within the day 

- there are 5 injection areas on each side of the face 

- the injection area are then cleaned again 

- End of procedure 

No make up for 24 hours 

Avoid sunbathing for 7 days 

Avoid aspirin and alcohol for 72 hours 


 - An injectable which deeply hydrates and plumps treated tissue.

 - Reduces severity of wrinkles 

 - Dramatic boost to your colleagen and elastin 

- Thinner molecule than Profhilo so is suitable to inject around the eyes

Can be used for :

- Under and around eyes

- Face

- Neck 

- Decollege 

- Abdomen

- Arms 

- Inner thighs

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