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The O Shot 

Ladies - this is all about you !!!

This treatment is to help with the following:

- Vaginal dryness

- Vaginal atrophy

- Reduced or no sex drive and lack of orgasm 

- Painful intercourse 

- Thinning skin around the vagina and vulva

- These changes can occur before/after pregnancy and menopause

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- a free consultation is available before booking treatment

-   Full medical assessment will be taken including the issues you are experiencing and whether this is appropriate treatment 

- Consent form to be discussed and signed 

- A blood sample will be taken and put into a centrifuge to be spun - this is the separate the platelet rich plasma

- Whilst this is spinning you will asked to undress (including knickers) and to sit on the treatment bed and covered with a paper sheet 

- Please do not worry if you have not shaved or that you may think you have a 'weird or abnormal vagina' 

- The labia will be wipes down with a disinfectant and numbing cream will be applied 

- After 10 mins the platelets are injected into the labia and around the clitoris - at your speed  - this generally takes 10 mins 

- The area will then be wipes and minimal bleeding will occur - pop on a pair of old knickers 

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