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Feeling sexy!!!!

Despite the vast channels that we can access the sex industry, talking about our sex life 'good and not so good' openly is still a taboo...

In my opinion both men and women have personal struggles with 'doing the deed' and these can come from an array of either psychological/physical or emotional triggers - some from teenage years and some from the aging process itself.

Both sexes can have reduced libido and have the inability to get aroused - men have difficulty in getting an erection or sustaining an erection and women have difficulty in having orgasms

The 'P' Shot Prius for men and the 'O' Shot for women is a relatively new treatment using your own blood - therefore 100% natural

Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) treatment is used - a blood sample is taken and put in a centrifuge which separate the platelets (bodies own natural regeneration cells) and these are injected around the genitalia - down the side of the penis, around the clitoris and entrance of the urethra and vagina

This procedure can be repeated every 12 weeks x 3 times then repeated every 6-12 months

A male chaperone is present for the 'P' Shot but no chaperone is provided for the 'O' Shot however ladies can bring a female friend/relative with her

As of April 2023 both treatments are £400 each

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