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Simply Passive Marketing Course: Neutral branding & aesthetic

All modules/lessons taught faceless

Easy & straightforward on-ramp for beginners to learn how to go from A-Z with digital marketing How to build a solid foundation & make sustainable passive income for years to come

Branding yourself

Finding your voice

Niches — how to figure out WHO to serve and HOW to serve them

How to create your own digital products based on what you’re passionate about (and templates to get started!)

All the tech/setup to list your own digital product in a simple way

Storytelling email marketing (Flodesk) & email templates

Captions, hashtags & hooks

Selling in stories

How to sell in DM’s

Deep dive into content creation strategies

Deep dive into social media strategies

Creating & setting up StanStore

Lead magnets/freebies (with templates!)

Time management

Content batching

Faceless Marketing Content modules


Automation tools — and when & how to use them!

Who is the Simply Passive for?

A brand new beginner with zero experience making passive income – a simple & straightforward guided course

Digital Marketing Online Training

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