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Erectile Dysfunction Clinic 

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist Nurse in Wirral

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The Priapus Shot, commonly referred to as the P-Shot, is a pioneering treatment used to treat erectile dysfunction issues such as the inability to get or maintain an erection.

This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to repair damaged tissue and promote penile tissue growth. Medical professionals have successfully used PRP treatments to repair damaged muscles and nerves for many years. 

Experts found that when using the same process, PRP injections can successfully combat erectile problems. This is because PRP contains cell-regenerating growth factors essential for the treatment of ED. 

The procedure works by drawing a small amount of your blood and then spinning it at a high frequency within a centrifuge. This separates out the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). 

Your clinician will then inject the PRP into your penis, and although this might sound uncomfortable, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The whole procedure is done with numbing cream and spray


-   a full medical assessment will be undertaken to ensure that this treatment is suitable
- a consent will be discussed and signed to agree to treatment 
- a blood sample will be taken from an arm 
- the sample will then be put in the centrifuge to spun and separate the platelets (bodies own regeneration cells)

- a male chaperone will be present and help you undress/show you the toilet/and clean and numb your penis
- the Nurse Practitioner will inject the platelet rich plasma in 5 injections down the side of your penis 
- no injections are undertaken down the opening of the penis or the testicles

Appointment:   1 hour

After Care

  • Avoid alcohol for three days before and after your PRP injection (to reduce bruising).

  • Stay well-hydrated on the day of your treatment and during the week after.

  • Wait for six hours after your injection before showering, since a temperature change could inhibit your body's response to the PRP.

  • It is advisable to abstain from sexual intercourse for 12 hours to allow healing 

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