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Menopause - Menopause Wellness Coach

Menopause is the end of the women's menstrual cycle - the changes are those that you can experience before, during or after stopping your period which marks the end of childbearing

What causes the menopause?

As a new born we are born with eggs which are stored in our ovaries. 

Ovaries make the hormones 'oestrogen' and 'progesterone' which control menstruation and ovulation.

Menopause occurs when the ovaries stop releasing an egg and menstruation stops.

Menopause can occur can occur naturally between the ages of 45-55 year old but peri menopausal symptoms can occur sooner and the symptoms last longer than 55 year old - some of the symptoms are temporary and some permanent.  Other reasons for going through the menopause:  surgical removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy and pelvic radiation.

Symptoms of the menopause:

- irregular periods 

- vaginal dryness

- hot flushes

- night sweats

- chills

- sleep problems 

- mood changes

- weight gain 

- slowed metabolism 

- thinning hair 

- dry skin 

- loss of breast fullness 

- reduced sex drive

- problems with memory and concentration 

- foggy head

the list is endless 

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