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What is an Aesthetics Clinic?

This is a healthcare or non healthcare service which provides non surgical treatment to clients using a range of toxins (anti wrinkle), hyaluronic acid (facial fillers) to alter the natural structures of the skin


Currently in the United Kingdom 'anyone' can provide these treatments although it is strongly advised that you choose ONLY TRAINED MEDICS - DOCTORS, DENTISTS,  NURSES, PHARMACISTS - registered with GMC, NMC, GDC, GPhc and HCPC.

Currently 'non medics' (see above) can provide these treatments after a 1 day Course

Are Aesthetic Practitioners Licensed & Registered?

No.... there is currently no requirement for anyone practicing aesthetics to undertake this 

All trained 'medics' (see above) are registered under their specific Registration - this is a national register who are there to protect the public and investigate any trained individual who is not working within their Code of Conduct .

There is no such thing for non medics - Medics therefore take more accountability & responsibility as we adhere to our Code of Conduct and potentially have the risk to lose our career.

Non medics are currently not be in this position and as there are no Registration Board to report them to and have a low risk of losing their career 

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