Price List 

Micro ear- suctioning 

Consultation and micro suctioning one or two ear


Wrinkle relaxing treatment

Botulium Toxin injections are used for anti wrinkle treatment which is the product and not the trade name.   BOTOX is used within this clinic.

A 'review' is incorporated with these prices and within 2-3 weeks of initial treatment.   Further treatment beyond this time-frame occurs a fee

1 area        £125

2 areas     £150

3 areas     £185

extra £30 surcharge  per area with men due to different skin type

Facial Filler    
Dermal filler is naturally occuring smooth hyaluronic gel which is used to smooth wrinkles and folds.   

Pricing varies depending on product used -  purchase the product separately plus £60 charge for application 


Lip fillers 

Dermal filler is naturally occurring hyaluronic gel which is used to 'plump' the lips and re hydrate.   

Pricing varies depending on product chosen - purchase the product plus £60 charge for application



Face   -    45 mins       £40

Body areas   -    45 mins  £40

                         1 hour    £50


Consultation/treatment and touch up within 2-3 weeks       


Touch up at 6 months

1 hour                 £60

1.5 hours          £90 

2 hours             £120

Vitamin B12 Injection

Initial course - 2 injections twice per week for 3 weeks  £160

Each injection £30 each

Tear Trough fillers      

£210    - lasts approx 12 months 

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