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'a deep connection to ourselves or other people/person'

Sex is a still a 'taboo' topic and a lot of people find it very uncomfortable to discuss it, their desires and difficulties - our interaction varies from one person to another - arousing our senses physically and psychologically.

Sexual Rejuvenation is not gender specific


This clinic offers Platelet Rich Plasma 'PRP' to increase libido, sexual desire and increase lubrication - aiming to increase sexual pleasure.

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A female chaperone will not be provided by the clinic but you are more than welcome to bring one with you - please inform the Practitioner before your appointment



This clinic provides Platelet Rich Plasma 'PRP' for loss of libido and the inability to have or maintain an erection.

A male chaperone will be present - this is a non negogiable and is there to support and protect the client and the Pracititioner.

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